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The FX Token will, in essence become a currency token allowing foreign exchange bureaus globally to transact the FX Token with all principal international currencies thus amalgamating payments through bank transfer, foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies.
FX Token unifies the best of centralised and decentralised currency transactions becoming a primary, currency token, enabling global foreign exchange payment providers to transact internationally through traditional payments, and digital currencies, benefiting from a fully transparent fluid and expeditious process eliminating the normal transactional fees and commissions.

FXTO Pre Sale

Pre Sale Start


Coin Distribution: 100M

ICO Distribution

1 ETH = 32500 FXTO
From March 3rd 2023
To April 30th 2023
Token distribution: 100 M Tokens

FX Token

Why FX Token

Fx Token is a unique blockchain-based cryptocurrency that specialises in trading traditional and digital assets.

Trades are done through smart contracts, with real time settlement being offered for all trades made on the platform – no more waiting days before receiving your money!

Featuring an intuitive interface designed specifically to meet trader needs (which we know can be difficult), this new generation exchange has bridged the power of decentralisation by providing CBDCs support as well, supporting both crypto & forex markets simultaneously through its innovative technology.

Advantages of FX Token

The FX Token is the world’s first centralised and decentralised token, which allows you to transfer currency without any hassle or hidden charges.

50% of fees that would be charged at any exchange platform or store across the globe can now simply disappear with one simple purchase!

Buying the FX Token gives you return on the shares allocated towards the FX Tokens, so every token holder will get a percentage from the shares, the shares will be given back to the holders in coins.

Because it is designed to support 100% of global transactions, regardless of currency, legislation or language, Fx Token will be attractive to investors and traders alike.

1 FXTO = 0.05 USDT

In order to make FX Token distribution process more efficient,
the FX Token price will now be linked to BTC:


Lawrence Dyer


Mani Binning

Chief Communications Officer

Edvin Karlsson

Head of IT

Célia G

Marketing Director



The following address is for the FX Token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the FX Tokensale Platform.

Payment Methods:

Presale Start:
March 3rd, 2023, Friday, 6:00 PM
April 30th, 2023, Sunday, 6:00 PM
Exchange rate:
1 ETH = 32500 FXTO
Project protocol:

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